We provide solutions and equipment
to the energy, oil
and gas industries.

The highest quality solutions
tested in Europe and worldwide.


Full service of supplied devices.
Complete warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.
Quick reaction. Stock of spare parts.


We take responsibility for the selection of devices.
Comprehensive solutions for complete systems.
Full technical data.

AISHartmannMaster FloPetro ControlsSchuckStream Flo
CP Trade Industry Group


We deliver solutions and devices to the
energy, oil and natural gas extraction, transmission
and storage industries.

Our company in numbers


of our engineers are able to use technical English.

25 years

on the market

More than 14000

valves supplied to investment projects in Poland

23 years

continuous work of the Fahlke actuators in the investments in Poland.

1,9 s

closing time of SSV Fahlke

300000 Nm

torque of EHAZ-G (Ford Mustang GT 300 Nm)

Customers about us

„The solutions proposed by the engineers from CP Trade met the highest technical requirements. During the design process, the Company provided comprehensive support, full data for designing thus reducing the designers’ time and effort to a minimum”
Andrzej Zawadzki - Manager of Chief Designer Team at Biuro Studiów i Projektów Gazownictwa GAZOPROJEKT S.A.
„Systems designed on devices provided by CP Trade have always been fully accepted by the investor. They always had full documentation and all atests and certificates required on the Polish market”
Designer in the high pressure system design team
„The systems designed for the machinery supplied by CP Trade were always accepted by the investor in full. They always had full documentation and all certificates required in Poland”
Energy and Gas Contracts Manager
„Engineering company providing multidimensional value/spectrum of proposed solutions”
PGNiG Technologie - Anna Delikat - Purchasing and Logistics Director
„Reliable operation in our plants, tested during 20 years of use, confirms our confidence in this manufacturer”
SYSTEM GAZOCIĄGÓW TRANZYTOWYCH EuRoPoL GAZ Michał Zając - Maintenance Director

We bring together the equipment

knowledge of many of our suppliers to provide

our customers with a single information

Realized delivery

Our team consists of people who have extensive knowledge and skills.
Vast majority of us have master’s degrees, engineer’s degrees and at least
a few years of professional experience.



We are a mix of youth and experience,
a group of people full of passion and commitment.



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