Control ball valves

Control ball valves

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AIS control ball valves idea.

Today’s demand for increased efficiency and flexibility, which is driven by higher temperatures, increased pressure and a change in the number of valve cycles requires a specially developed valve design. AIS is involved in the design and manufacture process of high quality control ball valves tailored to the individual requirements of the user through the use of unique control discs. The control ball valves shown here have a wide range of control at very high pressure differences so that they can be used in even the most difficult applications.



DN 25-600 (1”-24”)

Pressure class

PN 100-420 (ANSI 600 – 2500)

Sealing system

Metal-to-Metal (MM) or Primary Metal, Secondary Soft (PMSS)


Forged Steel, Split Body, Trunnion Mounted, Side Entry

The appropriate construction of the control disc design allows for linear, equal percentage or individual control, according to customer guidelines.

Multistage pressure reduction and simultaneous reduction of noise

Antistatic design

Single/Double Piston Effect (SPE; DPE)

Double Block and Bleed (DBB)

Anti-blowout stem

Vent and drain connection

Emergency sealant injection

Bi-directional flow and regulation

Fire safe design