Valves type ASF

Valves type ASF

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HARTMANN ball valves type ASF

These valves have reliable sealing, which is suitable for difficult operating conditions. With Metal-to-Metal seal suitable for gaseous and liquid media with elements of solid particles.

Technical characteristics:

Construction according to DGRL 97/23 / EG, API 6D or API 6A

Fully metallic seal

Two-piece body made of forged material

Float-mounted, self-centering seat rings with pre-tensioned spring elements

Sealing force dependent on pipeline pressure

Ability to exchange of upper spindle seal at full pressure in pipeline

Antistatic construction

Fire safe according to API 6 FA or BS 6755/2


Optional parameters to choose from:

Made of specially selected materials for extreme applications

Soft seal

As reduced bore ball valves

With special internal or external coatings

With electric, pneumatic, or electro-hydraulic actuators

Made to order for your specific application


Production range:

DGRL 97/23 / EG and API 6D:

from DN 15 (1/2 “) to DN 25 (1”) up to PN 690 (ANSI 4500)

from DN 40 (1 1/2 “) to DN 80 (3”) up to PN 420 ANSI (2500)

from DN 100 (4 “) to DN 150 (6”) up to PN 250 (ANSI 1500)

to DN 200 (8 “) up to PN 150 ANSI (900)

to DN 500 (20 “) up to PN 100 (ANSI 600)

Additional nominal dimensions and pressure levels are available on request!


1 13/16“ – 2 1/16“ up to API 10.000

PSL 1 – PSL 3G

Temperature class K – Y