Ball valves U

Ball valves U

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Schuck type U ball valves are easy to maintain and durable in use. The modular design of the valve with top access allows you to perform maintenance without removing the valve from the pipeline. This is particularly important in installations where the medium is highly corrosive or abrasive.

Schuck type U ball valves can be installed in power plants, drilling platforms and gas stations. Especially in the case of polluted or aggressive media flowing in pipelines. Special design allows to make replacement without removing the internal parts of the valve. It ensures high reliability and introduces the possibility of rapid exchange of parts that are subject to natural wear during valve operation, when filled with highly corrosive media.

With a wide range of materials, it is possible to adjust the valves to various media – including acidic media. Properly selected materials ensure safe and reliable operation even in the case of demanding applications.

In addition to simple assembly and service, it is important that the valves can be transported to the installation in parts. The ability to deliver valves in parts reduces their weight, making assembly on the pipeline easier. The heaviest component of the Schuck type U ball valve is only a quarter of the weight of the whole.

Technical data:

Available from 6” to 42” ( DN150 to DN1000)

Design pressure up to CLASS 2500

With flanged, welded or welded-flange ends

Temperature ranges from -60oC to +160oC

Suitable for use with the following media: natural and acid gas, oil, oil with sulfur, hot and cold water.

Important construction features:

Top-entry ball valve


Extensive maintenance options

Anti-static and fire-safe design


Available as a single or double piston

Available in PMSS, SO and MM design

Production according to EN 12266-1 API-6D / ISO 14313/ API6D, AD2000 ASME Sec. VIII Div.1