Compensator SDS

Compensator SDS

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Schuck type SDS compensators are maintenance free and self-sealing. They are designed in such a way that they can move freely. The special design of the compensators makes them airtight inwards and outwards.

Compensators can be used for pipelines that extend and shorten by +/- 400 mm in the standard case. Special design makes the change of length fast. With these parameters, SDS type compensators can be used in land subsidence (for example in mining areas), areas prone to earthquakes and where there are longitudinal variations in temperature (for example from sunlight to ground). The ability to move the compensators in the longitudinal direction prevents costly damage and pipe cracks.

Schuck SDS type compensators can be used for natural gas, oil and water. Their maintenance free operation is ensured by two self-sealing systems, individually tested. They prevent the ingress of dirt as well as acting as a security part susceptible to corrosion due to special processing. Ready to use compensators have a special construction by which they can be reused, which makes that they are stable and effective product.

Technical data:

Available from 3” to 40” ( DN65 to DN1000)

Compensation for length changes +- 400 mm

Design pressure up to 100 bar

With flanged, welded or welded-flange ends

Temperature ranges from -10oC to +50oC

Suitable for use with the following media: natural gas, oil, hot and cold water.


Important construction features:

Maintenance free

Protected against corrosion

Tightness in both directions

Two separately operating sealing sets

High durability and performance


Production according to EN 10208-3, AD2000, EN 10204 3.1 and 3.2