Safety shut down valves SSV

Safety shut down valves SSV

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Safety shut down valves SSV certified by external notifying body in accordance with PN EN 14382

The perfect Fahlke safety shut down system is specially designed for high safety required gas installations. The SSV Fahlke is currently the only available unit of this type, which has been certified to comply with the requirements of the EN 14382 certification directives. Fahlke Control System by innovative constructions offers reliable protection against pressure rise in the monitored pipeline. The biggest advantages of the Fahlke safety shut down units compared to current products offered by other manufacturers is to save you the cost of installation and operation.

For installations where the gas can flow in two directions, the Fahlke SSV bidirectional units allow to use the design of a simplified system and a significant reduction in the required equipment. SSV units are also piggable, avoiding the construction of additional and costly bypass installations. Fahlke safety shut down units with ball valves are equipped with two independent sealing systems. This allows you to install only one SSV unit in installations where two safety valves with single seal are required. Each Fahlke SSV unit can be additionally used as a remote and locally controlled valve. By application of high pressure pilot with accuracy AG1 in control unit, it is possible to operate the pipeline within the maximum working pressure (MOP) without the need for uncontrolled decommissioning. Fahlke SSV units are delivered with Double Block & Bleed and can be tested both open and closed. SSV units in accordance with PN EN 14382 for specified ball valve diameters have a five times higher torque than the ball valve.

Fahlke safety shut down valves have been tested at critical operating temperature ranges in the manufacturer’s factory (test temperatures in chambers from -60 ° C to + 80 ° C)





Ball valve

– Full bore (no pressure loss)

– Indestructible and maintenance free

– Fully welded

– PMSS sealing system

– Double Block & Bleed

– Possibility of underground installation

– Piggable

– Available diameters

DN 50-900 ANSI 150, 300, 400, 600

DN 50-800 ANSI 900

DN 50-400 ANSI 1500

DN 50-300 ANSI 500-2500


– Spring cylinder with multiple spring technology

– Gas or hydraulic cylinder completely welded, nickel-plated inside

– Gear GGG 40 filled with grease, water resistant, maintenance free

Control system

– Stainless steel control cabinet

– Interior elements in modular MCE technology

– Mini measuring N2 connector

– 2 x high pilots, switching when increasing, accuracy 1% (AG 1,0), SIL2

– 1 x low pilots, switching when dropping, accuracy 2,5 % (AG2,5), SIL2

-zawór kontrolny z awaryjnym ręcznym zaworem zamykającym


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